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 canvas throw pillow covers     |      2020-04-27 16:07

We’;ve recently found ourselves completely smitten with science-inspired designs in the home –; beakers, periodic tables, anatomy chartscanvas throw pillow covers, microscopes –; you name it, we love it. The great thing with scientific decor is that you can go for a vintage approach with the rustic metals, brighten it up with nature, and teach an educational lesson at the same time. I will also take any chance I can get to buy more glass jars, specimen jars are totally not the same thing as mason jars. If my hypothesis is correct you might be falling for scientific decor too?

See all our favorite finds for Scientific Decor after the jump…;

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From collage above:

Redesign your office or work area with this?Beautiful office?from?Miss Design?in mind.

Fill an empty space with scientific antiques like this 100-year-old science cloche photographed by Annie Klink.

Keep time with a vintage-inspired?meter clock? from Restoration Hardware.

Swivel up and down in a?gunmetal bar stool from Crate and Barrel.

Hang these stunning?test tube vases from Pigeon Toe Ceramics?on the walls for your guests to see as soon as they come in.

Rock a pair of round glasses from Zero UV?to look like a hip science professor.

This science room on Hubsch?shows off a great way to use antique filing cabinets to organize.

The?Kichler Desk Lamp?from?Lamps Plus?is reminiscent of the classic style from back in the day.

Hang an?insect poster from Curious Prints?on a blank wall, or buy a few to make a collage.

Set an?antique microscope from Hunters Alley?on a side table in your favorite room.

A graphically bold Periodical Table like this one from Land of Nod would look great in a playroom.

Anthropologie?has a great collection of?framed flora and fauna in stock right now.

Fill an empty windowsill with?beaker terrariums from Doodle Bird.

There is even more beautiful artwork like this science poster at?Vol25.

The?hourglass from Anthropologie?makes watching time go by that much more pleasant.

These science beakers from Earth Sea Warrior are filled with raw quartz crystal points that reflect rainbows on the walls. Yes, and yes!

We asked Atlanta photo stylist and producer, Annette Joseph, to help us tackle a decorating dilemma we all struggle with from time to time: the artful arrangement.

In our last post in this mini-series we're going to take a look at including patterns as part of interior design. It could be said, and quite rightly, that patterns are everywhere and indeed they are, however, for the purposes of this article we're going to focus on using patterns on fabrics and soft furnishings.

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