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 canvas throw pillow covers     |      2019-09-29 07:50

Admittedly, we haven’t done much for fall yet this year. Between arriving home from a trip to see my parents in Phoenix (yay for sunshine!) and returning to work and then a child care change-up, it’s been a bit hectic. Whew. So decorating for fall is on my to-do listcanvas throw pillow covers, but we haven’t gotten there yet! Until then, I wanted to show you a quick DIY shadowbox craft we created before we left for vacation. The best part? It’s totally interchangeable for the seasons! That means you can keep it up all year and simply pick up a new piece of card stock when you’re ready to switch from Fall to Christmas to Winter. Yay!

Entrance halls are notoriously difficult to find a suitable style, however, as they are the gateway to your home you need to ensure that you make a good impression from the moment you open your front door. Adding a touch of sparkle to your entrance hall isn't as difficult as you may think, with the correct use of reflective surfaces you can lighten your hallway and turn it into a welcoming and very stylish entrance to your home.

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