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 canvas throw pillow covers     |      2019-09-28 23:06

There is nothing more enjoyable and rewarding than being able to get creative with home decor and add your own personal touches to different artsy projects whether on furnishings or accessories used throughout the home. ?Many today are taking the thrifty route and getting creative by repurposing and sprucing up item’s they already have on hand at home and turning them into some fresh and new.?

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By doing so not only are we able to innovatively reinventing parts of our home’s on a budget but also adding personal touches and style to items? for all to admire. Recently I came across a do it yourself blog article over at Danielle Oakey Interiors; there she took part in a crafty video tutorial demonstrating how you can create your own unique one of a kind bedroom headboard.

As soon as I had finished watching her video I felt this boost in enthusiasm and was intrigued as to how I could make my own stylised headboard and more interestingly how others have in fact creatively done this themselves. After doing a bit of searching I was able to find some very unique DIY headboard idea’s of various styles that through my inspiration found thanks to Danielle I’d like to share here.

If shabby chic is more your style then this very feminine floral inspired DIY headboard will really be inspirational to you. Put together by simply collecting together a mix of paper and artificial flowers, each individual piece is intricately tied to the back of a trellis like headboard base as seen in the image above.

You won’t need to worry about the tied pieces showing through as they will hide behind the back of the headboard and what’s even better is as your room decor changes you can easily remove and replace the flowers to customize the headboard again and again.

Ever wondered what to do with that left over wallpaper you just used to decorate your living room or bedroom? If you’re anything like me you feel the urge to make use of it since it would be a shame for it to end up creased or simply left to gather dust. Well luckily enough here is a pretty creative idea of using any wallpaper you have on hand to make your own custom headboard.

Simply pencil the outline template of your headboard base piece directly onto the paper; this is to make sure the paper will be cut to a perfect shape and then lastly paste directly onto a wooden headboard base leave to dry and it’s complete.

Lastly if you’re wanting to create a more classic and luxurious headboard piece to co-ordinate with the rest of your bedroom decorcanvas throw pillow covers, why not see if you have an old photo frame lying around. It’s a pretty quirky concept by taking an old rustic filigree embellished photo frame large enough to cover the top of your bed frame; you can then easily repaint the outer frame any colour of your chose to match your room decor.

Then lastly to personalise the middle of the frame add a fabric or printed paper design for your choice to then hang onto your wall in pride.

This DIY Horse Applique Pillow Cover Pattern is a fun “quick fix” sewing pattern. It’s easy to make and is suitable for someone who is just beginning or learning to sew.? It also makes a great kids sewing project! If you like this tutorial then you may also like this reading pocket pillow tutorial.?

I wear aprons a lot, because I make lots of messes. I do a lot of surface design on fabric before I stitch it into art quilts, I dabble in other sloppy crafts, and I dig in the dirt (garden). I designed this apron to cover most of my clothing, but still be comfortable and utilitarian. It’s easy to customize it to meet your needs, and make you look fabulous!

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