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 canvas throw pillow covers     |      2019-09-26 16:33

Hi all!

Well, our inclement and usually typically British weather conditions have been a tad unpredictable of late to say the least. Wouldn’t you say?

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We slipped into Autumn with a barely noticeable change in temperature from the end of the Summer and into winter even more inconspicuously. Unusually warm temperatures and weather that has been wetter, windier and more changeable and unpredictable than ever before have seen Winter finally arrive with reluctance rather than a vengeance. Our weather seems to be lacking behind somewhat of late and a little out of sync with the seasons.

It’s only the few doses of random but ‘chaotic’ snowfall that we’ve had to date that have actually confirmed that we are actually in the cold season. So what will Spring bring for us???? The frost, ice and plummeting temperatures that we’ve eluded throughout the Winter maybe?? Or will we be back on track with fresh blue skiescanvas throw pillow covers, crisp morning air and precious little buds emerging from the earth to embrace the spring sunshine? Well whatever the weather holds the good news is that Spring ‘IS’ on its way and there’s nothing we can do to stop it! – why would we want to?

I make no secret of the fact that this is my favourite season of the year. It fills me with renewed enthusiasm energy and hope and ultimately inspires me to start spring cleaning, organising, de-cluttering, re-decorating and looking at everything with renewed interest and fresh eyes!

So, in time?honored?(if not just predictable) fashion, let’s find out what’s On-Trend for Spring 2016. What colours, themes, trends and styles are going to be gracing our homes?and lifestyles in the months to come in 2016? ?

Neck pillows have many uses, depending on how they are shaped and what they are stuffed with. If you are going on a trip, and need to take a nap, a horseshoe-shaped pillow stuffed with polyester stuffing will make your nap more comfortable. If you wake up with a stiff neck, then a tube-shaped pillow stuffed with rice will make you feel better (after you heat it up, of course!).

It’s “that time” again. Time to round up the top projects and tutorials of the previous year. This year all of them were sewing projects, which makes me very happy!? Curious to see what made the list? Just keep scrolling down to see the Top 10 Sewing Projects of 2017. If you’re curious about years past, you can see the top 16 from 2016 HERE and the top 15?of 2015 HERE.

To celebrate back to school, I have been sharing sewing patterns for zippered pencil pouches this month.? Today I’m sharing with you the 3rd of these projects, an Oilcloth Pencil Pouch. ? Make sure you also check out the chalkboard vinyl pencil pouch and the zippered pencil pouch sewing patterns I posted last week.