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I’;ve been itching to share our newest Pretty Prudent Trend with you this month –; By the Bay. Let’;s dive right in. Along with the previous post –; Pretty Prudent Trend: The Redwoods –; this By the Bay trend was inspired by my summer trip from LA to WA. I stayed on an island near Puget Sound and spent most mornings and evenings walking along the water. The rich colors and detailed textures make the bay a perfect place for decor and fashion inspiration.Start small by working a couple new pieces in here and there. Create a terest board to help you visualize colors and styles. I share a photo after the jump that has inspired me to completely change my closet (hopefully my wallet is on the same page too).You can check out more posts inspired by this trip here: Composting 101, How to Clean Seashells, and a tasty Kale, Peachaccent pillow case baby canvas floor, and Roasted Almond Salad.

Click through to see more By the Bay photo inspiration and to find out where you can get these lovely items after the jump…;

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1) Bring the bay to your closet with this pretty Dress.

2) Add a new Origami Boat Necklace to your jewelry collection.

3) Get the kids ready for puddles with Chooka Rain Boots.

4) Hang a beautiful Driftwood Bird House outside your home.

5) I uploaded a photo I took on my trip to the Chip It! App and it generated this beautiful paint palette: Aviary Blue (SW 6778), Naturel (SW 7452), Naval (SW 6244), Manitou Blue (SW 6501), Tricorn Black (SW 6258).

6) We can’;t get enough of the great Shirt designs from Dowdy Studio.

7) Enjoy a meal with this Dinnerware

8) Surprise a friend who loves adventure with the Let’;s Run Away Tote.

Fashion by the Bay:?If I could have my entire wardrobe composed of pieces that match this photo, I would. The bay is filled with rich shades of blue, hints of cream, splashes of green, and a touch of brown. Next time you’;re staring into the dark depths of your closet, think of a beautiful place you’;ve been to and use that memory to help you mix colors. ?Will it be the bright oranges of the desert, or the cool hues of the ocean?

Vintage by the Bay:?There is plenty of vintage charm by the bay –; a washed up dinghy, rusted over crab traps, glass bottles with love letters trapped inside. Mix accents of vintage with modern to add character to your wardrobe and home.

Patterns and Prints by the Bay:?Bet you didn’;t think polka dots would be a pattern of the bay. Even the tiniest creature can inspire you to experiment with patterns and prints. Go for smaller patterns to keep it subtle or large prints to make a statment. The world is your oyster!

Go ahead and pinch us. We can’t believe we get to introduce this week’s podcast guest, interior designer Miles Redd! We were beside ourselves when he agreed to sit down with us while recently in his hometown of Atlanta (and ours). Plus, he’s our first AD100 Designer on the podcast. Miles’ spaces are packed with style, drama, and whimsy, and we think you’llbe were struck byhow darn nice he is!

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