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Country Classics - Bringing a Cottage Atmosphere into Your Home

As pattern, colour and femininity become increasingly popular in modern interior design, many of us are resorting back to the traditional and twee styles and designs of the past. Whether it is elegant candle sticks, wicker baskets or baroque style mirrors, the traditional has again become trendy.

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Particularly ideal for a small or family home, there has been a notable resurgence in countryside twee with the increasing use of florals, ginghams, stripes and polka dots. Bringing this charmingaccent pillow case baby canvas floor, cute, fresh and summertime feel into your home is fairly easy and because of its relaxed style, means you can add to the design over time to create an authentically eclectic look. To achieve this style, to whatever extent, this article gives you some quick and effective ways to create the perfect floral finish for traditional and contemporary homes.

Pretty Pattern

The most noticeable and also the most effective way to add some countryside twee in to your home is by introducing pattern. Consider delicate florals, stripes, ginghams, tartans and spots in soft pastel and candy toned colours. The Prestigious Cottage Garden Collection provides a fantastic range of beautifully delicate yet fun prints to help achieve this finish. The range consists of cute, chintzy florals in a range of colours as well as complementary stripes and ginghams.

These are all suitable and work well for curtains and blinds, especially when used together. For example; use a small floral fabric for a blind and give the window some definition with simple, striped curtains. For a slightly more contemporary edge, lean more towards the stripes and checks that will provide you with cleaner lines and a more structured finish. For a fresh and feminine look, opt for the floral patterns and play around teaming different sized florals with one another. The small print fabrics are also really effective when used for scatter cushions; particularly bolster cushions. To give them a final chintzy twist, add cute ribbons, fabric-covered buttons or wool tassels.

Creative Colour

As touched upon, for an authentic countryside finish, you are best to stick with pretty pastel and candy coloured tones such as raspberry, mint, rose pink and lemon. For a more contemporary or unique finish however, you can combine these classic patterns with modern colour schemes for a sharp and edgy twist. For example, why not consider a hugely contemporary monochrome finish or even the beautifully versatile and timeless yellow, black and white colour pallet?

Team the more gentle prints of this collection with large deckchair striped wallpaper, black gloss furniture and shag pile rugs for a fantastic high design look. Generally speaking, to avoid overkill, keep your small patterns for small areas such as scatter cushions, upholstery, pelmets, bed heads and roller blinds.Use the larger patterns sparsely and for effect whether it be a feature wall, curtains or piece of wall art.Finally, as with all design schemes, ensure the types of patterns, textures and colours are repeated and balanced throughout the room for a satisfying and consistent look.

~This is a pretty advanced project. There. You have been warned!~ Every once in a while, I see some beautiful fabric in a store that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. I buy it anyway. It sits there, staring me in the face, for ages, making me wonder why I got it in the first place. Then, you finally figure out what to do with it. This is the story of what I did with a yard and a half of silk that was sitting in my basement for around three months. This silk, combined with some paper, scissors, and a sewing machine made a beautiful dress. Let me tell you about it :)

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